November - NaJoPoMo

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It's that time of the year again.

While some of the literary world are attempting to write a novel this month, we at h2g2 have a slightly different aim. Your challenge, should you chose to accept it, is to write something, every day, during the month of November. This year, we would like to mix it up a wee bit and ask that you create your own A page and add to it each day. Either with a new convo off that A page each day, or adding a new one each day.

Creating an A page is dead simple.

  • Depending on the skin you use click on either 'Write an Entry' or 'Contribute'.1
  • Give the Journal a title. It can just be My Journal, or whatever you want, there may be a theme, or maybe random ramblings. It doesn't matter. We all have ways of doing this thing.
  • Write something in the box below.
  • Make sure you tick the 'Not for Review' box and then 'Add Entry'
  • We can even add your own artwork.2 as well to make the page look really smiley - cool. Just email [email protected] and one of my many minions will make that dream come true.3

    There will be a 'Help' thread added to this page, along with a 'Count me in' thread. Other threads may be randomly added smiley - winkeye

    Your name will be added to this list as soon as you decide to join us4.



    Dmitri Gheorgheni


    Good luck and keep writing.

    1If you click on 'Contribute' you'll also need to click on 'Add an Entry'.2Whatever you would like so long as it's legal and yours.3Minions, ah, if only. 4Ninja Footnote by Post Editor: You can find a list of NaJo journals with A-spaces at this update page. We aim to please.

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