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Posted: 10th August 2015

h2g2 Ludens

An Egyptian harp with a headache.Hi again, h2g2ers, time to play. Oh, about that title? Back in 1938, a Dutch scholar named Johan Huizinga wrote an important book called Homo Ludens, 'Man the Player'. Huizinga said that play was an important part of creating human culture. We agree, which is why Create have asked us to think about games and playing for a whole month. Which means it's official: we aren't just fooling around, we're engaged in serious cultural pursuit. Of course we are.

So far, two of our contributors have reached back into childhood for their memories of games played. This makes sense to us, because it shows how basic our need for play really is. In this issue, Minorvogonpoet shares how her family turned a cold winter into a playful learning experience that she would never forget. As a North American, I relish the image of an igloo on England's green and pleasant land. Enjoy this tale, and seek out our other game-related stories here: investigate the Guide's rich store of computer game lore, and test your knowledge of Victorian parlour games. They were pretty inventive, those Victorians, and sometimes a bit shocking. Check it out.

Nature's pretty playful here, too. Willem has another blast-from-the-past creature…and for once, I wish it were still around. It would liven up any aquarium, I'm sure. Also read up on the brides-bush, another fascinating piece of flora.

Awix has another playfully titled movie review. You'll love it, if not the film. Here's a game for you: read the review, and see if you can figure out which sentence caused Your Editor to chortle and tease our cinema expert.

Speaking of play, we take a playful (and snarky) look at Jane Austen and her friends. We bring you a few chuckles from the past and present – who knew the Welsh government had a sense of humour? – and, as usual, challenge you to write. Whether you contribute to 42 Words, add a new Guide Entry, or join Create in its topic-mining, it's all good. We love to read what you share. So dig in, start a conversation, and do your own research.

And have a playful week!

Stop Press News: Not everything can be pigeonholed, as we have learned from reading your writing. The Post takes a break from all this playing around to address more serious topics from time to time. Florida Sailor has thoughtfully provided us with a review of the number one book on everybody's must-read list this summer: Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman. You'll want to make sure to take in this review, whether you've read the book yet or not. Thanks to FS for putting this challenging story in context for us.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Copepteryx by Willem.
  • Weeping Brides-Bush by Willem.



  • The Intelligent Whale.
  • Inuit family building an igloo.


  • Screenshot of Angry Birds by Rovio.

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