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A Gamer's Guide to the Guide

An avatar from the Star Trek Online game.

Do you like to play computer games? You either do, or you don't. You either know what esoteric terms like 'n00b' and 'nerf' mean, or you regard this sort of talk as a symptom of the decline of Western Civilisation. But if you like zapping mobs in your free time, there's plenty in the Edited Guide to catch and hold your interest. Herewith a mere sampling of the treasures to be found in the Ultimate Guide to Life, the Universe, and Everything on this planet.

This is just a taste. There are LOTS of computer, console, and online games discussed in the Edited Guide. And lots of Entries on game-related topics. Dive in and enjoy! Don't see your favourite topic? Here's your chance to add to the Edited Guide storehouse. Get cracking!!

Those mobs will wait for you.

Screenshot of Angry Birds by Rovio
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