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Posted: 20th July 2015


A woman and a classic car. Folks, the response to Create's July challenge has shown us all something: as a species, we deal in contingency moments. What if we'd taken this, or that, alternate turn in the winding road that is life? Might things have been better or worse? Or just different? You're really thinking about this, and frankly, we're impressed. In this issue, one contributor wonders about past career choices, while another chuckles over a (in our opinion) very sensible choice of vehicle. Yet another takes us into the realm of fantasy to explore that desideratum of all people faced with choices: the professional prognosticator. Do we really want to know? Is ignorance bliss – or do we have one foot over the chasm? We also bring you a taut historical contingency moment: remember when Tom Cruise…er, that other fellow, von Stauffenberg, tried to blow up Hitler? We have an eyewitness account. Maybe not as good as the movie, but it fits perfectly with this month's theme.

As usual, for those with other interests, we bring you the latest news from the worlds of entertainment and space research – which is entertainment itself, these days. Pluto's getting a lot of attention for a minor planet. That crane of Willem's is not minor at all. It's quite beautiful to look upon, and fascinating to read about, so look upon it and read about it.

We at the h2g2 Post are concerned with your continuing education. (Unlike other publications we could sneer at from here, we aren't trying to make you dumber.) If you passed the geography quiz last week, you'll be ready for this week's, which is on the other side of the Atlantic. Also on the curriculum is literature: we have an educational, but oh-so-lovely, poem for you, complete with sexy fairy pic. Read, enjoy, get chuckles. And keep sending in those contributions – next week, another bumper issue, with tales from land and sea.

And have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Wattled Crane  by Willem.
  • A glimmering girl with apple blossoms in her hair.



  • Sonic electrical by Cactuscafe.
  • A pointless Persian plinth.



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