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Posted: 4th May 2015


Some weavers. No, not that kind of twittering. There is life away from the computer, friends, and if you live in the northern temperate zone, it should be upon you about now. Get out and enjoy it. Listen to the birds singing – they'll rival any aria, and the most they want in payment is a little birdseed. Watch the bunnies hopping in your back garden, hoping you're going to plant something tasty out there. Or climb in the car and do what we did yesterday: stop by a meadow and count the lambs as they gambol around their mums. They do that, you know, lambs. They gambol. If you don't know what gamboling looks like, get out there and learn the steps. They'll make you want to sing that sheep song. And they'll make you feel young again.

Talk about young…May's sort of about young love, isn't it? (Okay, okay, even us old geezers aren't immune, but hey, as a former part of the 60s 'youth culture', I can relate if the younger crowd think we're out of it…) The Create Team invite us to share how we celebrate May, be it romantically exuberant or militantly political, or even just whimsical. Towels, anyone?

Elektra helps Create get started with a spring-related book review. When the strawberries bloom in Amish Country, young folk go courting. She'll tell you what happens next. And yes, the book was published in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. We did not make that up.

Tavaron's been decorating, and the motif brings some woodland green into her baby's room. Want to see how she did it? Check out her article.

Our Willem's into fall, what with the seasons on the other side of the planet being reversed and all that. But he's been bird whispering, and he's sharing. Part II of this special series is here all week. Oh, and there's one of those carrion flowers, too. Exotic is what it's all about in South Africa.

We're quizzing you on May. We've got a good few chuckles here and there, and a film review, and some historical musings on advertising. In the cartoon department, we're giving the 90s a rest (who said 'finally'?), and are foraging through ancient cultures now in search of snark. Check out Art History 101, which begins this week.

So read, comment, and think about May. Write something for Create, or send us a picture, or work on that Guide Entry you've been putting off. It's all good.

And have a great week, everybody! Get out and gambol!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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