May: Gathering Nuts

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It was the first of May a righteous holiday. It was when the workers they celebrate fertility

Tam Lyn Retold - The Imagined Village

It's May, a vibrant, verdant month where many hearts turn to love and lust1. Maypoles are erected in towns and villages throughout the world. In the Czech Republic, young men chop down trees and decorate them with ribbons, erect them in the villages and try and protect them overnight from rival villages. In the Eifel Mountains in Germany, the Bachelors' Club try and pop similar things down their girlfriends' chimneys while the male relatives try and stop them.

There are many other celebrations at the start of May:

  • Walpurgisnacht
  • Beltane
  • Lei Day
  • It's not the just the start of the month either. Later on we have:

  • Star Wars day (on May 4th, as if anyone needed reminding smiley - WINKEYE)
  • Cinco De Mayo, May 5th
  • Lost Sock Memorial Day, May 9th
  • Eat What You Want Day, May 11th
  • World Turtle Day, May 23rd
  • and of course Towel Day on May 25th
  • So many days, so many celebrations.

    What are you up to this month? Tell us about it, in words, pictures, however you choose. Let's celebate the coming summer and have a brilliant May.

    1Which gives a whole new meaning to gathering nuts in May

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