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Posted: 16th February 2015

Ancestral Halls

An American Indian boy with ancestral portraits. Do you remember the song I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls1? Most of us don't – dwell in marble halls, I mean. Some of us hang our hats in rented flats, or stow our stuff in trailer parks, or peek through the curtains of council houses. But no matter how humble our domiciles, we probably have a memento or two of the folks that went before.

And if we don't have any ancestors, why, we do like Major General Stanley, and buy them by the job lot2.

The boy on the left is showing off his ancestors for a WPA3 photographer. It's just such titbits that the Create Team are seeking this month: ancestor news. Tell us about yours. Change the names, if you're shy. Or borrow somebody else's ancestors to do a Guide Entry about. We're not fussy. Tell us how the human past informs your present. Or just make fun of us all for asking. Like I said, we're not particular.

Bluebottle's got a glorious tale to tell about his great-grandfather. Be sure you read it. Do the quiz on dodgy ancestors, that should give you ideas. If it doesn't, you're probably too straight-laced for h2g2, anyway. Oh, and check the Oddity for more info about the photo on the left.

Cactuscafe is back with a miraculous bird sighting of her own: how does she do it? We're baffled, but glad she does. Speaking of birdies, Willem's got gurt big ones again. We read and wonder.

Those sneaky literati over at Paulh's journal thread have been committing poetry and stories again. We bring you samples, which we shamelessly stole. We're like magpies, Magwitch and I. If you see any goodies we haven't stolen yet, drop us a line at postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com and whisper in our ears. We'll nab the swag and put it in our edit bags…

As you can tell, your Editor is a bit weirder than usual this week. This is because the Gheorgheni clan are about to embark upon an adventure, and the excitement is getting to be a bit overwhelming. Come next weekend, we'll be riding up the Great Wagon Road. We'll veer west when we hit the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and resettle in our ancestral mountain stomping grounds. This should not inconvenience Our Readership in any way: I will leave the Editorial in Mags' safekeeping, and she will post all during the (hopefully) brief hiatus when (panic, no, don't panic) we are out of internet range.

In short, everything's fine, just relax, enjoy this week's issue, and have an excellent week. Now, excuse me while I go and pack the Conestoga wagon a bit more. I'm sure those CDs will fit in somewhere…

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Maribou storks by Willem.
  • Coral Kleinia by Willem.



  • Cutlery birds.
  • APB out for this one.


  • February Create.
  • The Doctor wants you to write for  Peer Review.

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