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Rod wonders what to with the books

Somewhere, somewhen, in the last couple of years or so, I mentioned that I now have some ten yards of books (and got told that that is small potatoes).

I ask the question out of interest because I'm on the verge of my second major cull inside six years.
The first cull was when preparing for the move here to NZ from UK.
The second is on the verge of beginning, in preparation for moving into My Little Wooden Hut which will be about one third the size of this house – two bedrooms instead of these four for instance and just one bathroom, while the living/dining room will be about single garage size with the kitchen off, taking up much of the length of one side and with a more than double-width sliding glass door in the other side. Not too much room for books (and the stereo setting-up will be smiley - erm interesting).

Store them in the garage? It will be insulated (and extended for a workshop). Again, though, not a lot of room - and what would be the point other than to know I still have them?

Problems, problems…

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