December Create: A Song of (Expedition) 42

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What do we do when Create come calling? We sing.

December Create: A Song for 42

Adventures in space.

Forget Eurovision. We at the Post are trying for the first-ever Galactovision Song Contest. Our entry owes a lot to that old Robin Hood Theme that some of us doddering old wrecks remember from early childhood. The rest of you heard Monty Python sing it.

Okay, our entry owes a lot to Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters, too. But at least some of us were sober.

It's a group effort, and like most committee compilations, might be a bit ragged. But get in the spirit of the thing, and sing along. Here goes:

Robin HoodExpedition 42!


Expedition 42, the ISS is bold,

Expedition 42, just like the Heart of Gold,

We give three cheers for our space pioneers!

42, 42, 42...


It called the greatest astronauts to NASA near the sea

they vowed to help the people of the earth

they managed experiments on the human genome scene

and still found plenty of time to sing


Three cheers for Rodent Hardware, which will prove, we all agree,

The smartest beings on the Earth are tinier than we,

No matter how you build the maze, we don't have to think twice,

We're sure the winners will be the mice!


You sail the vastest voids, your only border is the space

You soon may see Ford Prefect and his kin

but try avoiding vogons, dears – flee at your highest pace

they're not your friends – and never have been


The dolphins upped and left us, the fish population grows,

It's a shame the Vogons have a plan that nobody here knows,

But now it's time to form a plan and try and save some face,

Time to launch a rocket into space.


Try to avoid the wormholes on your interstellar trip

The Vogons may have booby trapped them with some cheesy bait

They do their best to catch the pan dimensionally mice

It is both appalling and not nice


Expedition 42, the ISS is bold,

Expedition 42, just like the Heart of Gold,

We give three cheers for our space pioneers!

42, 42, 42...

Okay, we won't win any awards. In fact, we may be the Jedward of space music. But our hearts are in the right places. Go, astronauts!

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