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The Big Guys

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By 'eck the big guys are a force to be reckoned with. smiley - rofl. Swarm and Bouncer, Thumpback and Eruptor. You don't argue with these fellas, eh? heheh. Well, I wouldn't.

Great photos. I like the blue background and the rocks. Is this how they're displayed in your room, or did you set them up for the photos? And I remember your other photos had a green background. smiley - geek I'm being geeky now. smiley - rofl.

The Big Guys

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Magwitch - My name is Mags and I am funky.

I'm giving away my secrets here. smiley - rofl

All my pictures of the figures have used a straight backed chair, the rocks that are just usually plonked around my fireplace-thing and two t-shirts, one of them is black for the bottom, and the other can be whichever doesn't need ironing (I don't own one). I use the rocks so you can't see the join, as Eric Morecambe used to say.

Back when we only had the one game we used to have the little guys all lined up on the mantelpeice, but now we've got so many of them (and a few add on extra bits that you get with some of the additional levels and such) we have to keep them in a box. We haven't even got a table big enough for them and the Portal to sit on when we're playing the game, they tend be lined up on the arms of sofas. smiley - biggrin

The Big Guys

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Ahhh, the photographic secrets. teehee. Splendid! I'm honoured. Thanks.

(steals ideas) (not really) (as if I would)

I love the thought of the figures lined up on the arms of sofas!

My only regret in life, thinking about all this, is that I gave away my trolls.

That's not internet trolls, you understand, but those little plastic troll dolls with the wild pink, orange or green hair, I had an entire collection, including the dinky little baby trolls. I kept them in a shoebox, but I would let them range over the sofa also. heheh. Sometimes my Mom would find them under the cushions.

The Big Guys

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Magwitch - My name is Mags and I am funky.

I appear to have (accidentally, you understand smiley - winkeye) allowed my Skylanders family to grow.

We bought 6 yesterday, they were on a 3 for 2 offer and we had a load of spare change that we'd just popped in a Coinstar thingy.

After we'd got them home, reset them (they were all pre-owned), leveled them up again and set the abilites to what *we* wanted. We actually played a whole new level in th game. It was a first as well, we didn't argue oncesmiley - biggrin.

The Big Guys

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Six more Skylanders?? Nice. smiley - rofl

What do you mean by resetting them? Do you sort of like customize them?

The Big Guys

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Magwitch - My name is Mags and I am funky.

When you play with a Skylander it gets experience and that is added to the figure itself. After you've leveled it up beyond a certain point you can choose which of it's attacks you want to strengthen further and you don't know which one you want until you played with them. Second hand figures have (mostly) been fully upgraded with one path chosen, so you can reset them to zero and upgrade them all yourself.

One of the new characters, Flashwing, fires rainbow bombs which is almost as cool as the Unicorn gun, Mr Toots, in Red Faction (he fires rainbow out of his bum, I don't know where the trigger is though smiley - winkeye)

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