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Posted: 23rd June 2014

Get 'Em While They're Hot '

How's the weather where you are? I hate self-referential editors, don't you? The kind who take up editorial space to moan about their personal headaches and pet peeves. The editorial page is about the reader, darn it, and the cool things we have on tap for you this week.

However…there comes a breaking point. And that point is reached when the mercury is at 98 degrees Fahrenheit in the un-metric U.S. of A. And we have to go swimming early in the day, because frankly, after that it's too hot to get in a pool. Besides, you feel like the start of a stew… So I'm complaining. Just a little. But heat beats cold, any day of the week. Okay, rant is over. Back to the important stuff, like what you're doing.

This week, we have summer fun for the northern hemisphere crowd, and some all-round Stuff for the antipodeans. Speaking of antipodeans, Rod's got a June Create challenge response for us. He's quite seasonal with his 20th-century reflections. Willem checks in from the winter zone, too, with a gorgeous bird from exotic climes. He's also got the long-awaited answer to the question: just what was he thinking about when he originated that Writing Right Challenge? You'll be intrigued by the story.

Up in summerland, Ben's hanging on the phone, and not liking it much, while Awix is being sensible and staying in the cinema. Bluebottle's on his bike again.

The Post's fictional cast are here to entertain you from parallel worlds: Narlesha's on the run, the aliens are on the sly, and the 1890s are as surprising as always. Read, take the quiz, talk to someone…you know you want to.

Have a good week, my friends. Keep cool. I'm off to get some more ice water.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Philippine hornbill by Willem
  • .

  • June Create.



  • A 1939 'portable' television.
  • A backwards baseball cap.

  • This beats hang gliding.
  • LADEEE crashes.

  • Aliens buzzing the ISS caught on TV.
  • A

  • A whole lot of bluebells.
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