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I am afraid that I have a bit of difficultly getting my head round technical stuff but I certainly got the paragraph about cutting your finger, to cutting it off and then going the whole hog with an arm smiley - yikes

I'm sorry to hear that you and The Green Man have hit a rough patch, hope you smooth it over soon smiley - peacedove

Sharp things

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Hi Peanut,

The Green Man, eh?
Well, he's sitting there, dawn 'til dusk, glowering at me and throwing out insults, challenges and suggestions every time I pass. I think I may have to cover him up with soundproof foam until such time as he calms down a bit - or maybe a tinfoil helmet would help?

Sorry... It may be a while...


Sharp things

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Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

Gosh, I don't know what he is yammering about. He is just trying to guilt you, perhaps. Ignore him, sometimes artists need to take a break---you'll go back with more enthusism and confidence. I can understand not wanting to make an irredeemable error this far in the process. Try to be smiley - zen about it. And tell the Green Man to put a sock in it!

Sharp things

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Ah, Elektra, would that I could.
That's the thing about hierarchies, once set up ye canna change 'em. After that first time that I allowed Him to make a suggestion, I'm permanently and irredeemably in thrall to Him.

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