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Posted: 5th May 2014

Coming Up Hyacinths…

Tavaron's hyacinth. h2g2ers, how does your garden grow? Is all your family's land in window boxes, as the great Brendan Behan wrote? Or do you have a Back Forty to plough come springtime? Is your thumb green, chartreuse, or black? What grows for you?
Tavaron's got a balcony garden going, and she starts off Create's May Challenge with some lovely pictures to share. Alternatively, if you don't plant things, what else can you do? Do you frequent garden shows? Are you an aficionado of strange growths? Do you know something about the heritage of man's interaction with the plant kingdom? Find, photograph, write, submit. We're waiting for you!

This week's issue features lots of fun Stuff, as usual. Paulh gives us some weather thoughts. Benjaminpmoore is busy this week, and he tells us why, and how he copes. Willem's got a stunning bird, and – you guessed it – another fascinating plant.

Your Editor has been threatening a new cartoon series, and it's here, ready or not. Why the Nineties Were Gay will make you forget all those Pre-Raphaelite hotties. And Science Fiction Theatre is back, because of course the film industry has always been fascinated by the plant kingdom. It's so action-oriented. (A virtual h2g2 prize to anyone who spots the meta-irony in that comic.)

We hope your garden is coming up hyacinths. Or tulips, roses, something nice andsweet-smelling. If not, remember: dandelions are part of nature, too. Be kind, if you can.

There's always the flower shop on the corner.

Have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Black-Casqued Wattled Hornbill by Willem
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  • Sausage Tree by Willem.



  • Yes, we have organic banans.
  • Fairhope, Alabama's lobster sign.

  • Science Fiction Theatre
  • LADEEE crashes.

  • Tulip on Tav's balcony.
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