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Posted: 03rd March 2014

In Like a Lion…

A lamb gets curious about a lion. We're so hemisphere-centric around here. I apologise for that. Of course, March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb –   in the northern hermisphere. We really ought to turn our globes upside down once in a while. Personally, I would welcome doing that about once every six months, because frankly, winter is not my thing. Be that as it may, Create want us to think of stories that 'come in like a lion…', etc, during the month of March. We're sure our friends Down Under will excuse the meteorological reference.

Did you ever have an ominous situation turn amusing? Get all worked up over nothing? Expect a lot, get a little? Tell us about your surprising days. And nights. Maybe especially the nights…but remember the Filther.

We've had some inquiries from people about how to contribute to the h2g2 Post. We thought we'd made that clear, but we are happy to repeat ourselves. (We're accommodating that way.) What you do is send your copy – article, poem, drawing, photo – to postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com. The gmail will come up if you click the box at the bottom of this page, but if that goes to your Outlook email, and you hate it, just copy the address and use your favourite mail carrier.

We'd prefer that you send us your copy in Word, Notepad, or the body of the mail. We're not very happy with links, unless they're to h2g2. And you should include your username and usernumber, even if we've been friends for 14 years, because otherwise, we have to run around looking it up.

Whatever you do, get us the copy. You'll enjoy that Create challenge, we promise.

This week, Cactuscafe rounds off February's challenge with a little sci-fi, we offer you a handy reminder for March, and the usual contributors go to town on us with the amusing, startling, and informative.

A word from benjaminpmoore: in his column this week, he's asked for feedback. He means it. We think you'll want to weigh in on the question he's throwing out there.

Peruse this issue, enjoy, and then start flexing your typing fingers for March.

And if the winds start blowing, remember to furl your umbrellas!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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