February Create: The Neuroscience Tapes

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Artwork showing various cinematic emblems floating in space.

I remember the day, it was the 25th of May, 2005, and happy I was to be alive.

My work was flowing, I was seized by a strange knowing.

You know how it happens, when you are tired and slightly wired, you think you hear voices from another world, although I'd say it was illusion, mixed with borderline delusion.

It was first light, I'd been working all night, creating electronic tracks for a sonic science fiction piece, suggested by a friend (who was completely round the bend).

And yet we believed in it so much, all it needed was a touch of elation and inspiration, which came to me on the 25th May, as if I could forget that day.

As I added echo to the vocals mic, I heard a whisper that wasn't me, who could it be?

All it said was 'these are the neuroscience tapes'.

I pressed record.

'Say it again'!, I said to my otherwordly companion, who was definitely illusion, mixed with borderline delusion.


So I found a website about neuroscience, and learned all I could about the brain and the senses in twenty minutes.

Then I translated my newfound knowledge into erratic electronic static, and named the entire project 'The Neuroscience Tapes'.

It was a sensation. I was filled with elation.

Even my friend's mother liked it, and sent copies to her friends, who thought we had all gone completely round the bend.

Yet life was never quite the same after that day, the 25th of May, 2005, and happy I am to be alive.

The hippocampus in the brain.

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