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Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth - Ptolemy

Modern Constellation Frustriaus

I must admit, when I loaded the APOD image for 1 November, I was astonished, I've never heard of 'the modern constellation Frustriaus' but luckily they 'fessed up in the blurb: 'Frustriaus, the frustrated astrophotographer'. The image does indeed resemble the gorgeous Veil Nebula even though it was just a smoke-and-light show here on Earth.

Late November/December 2013 Diary Dates

Comet ISON brightened from +8 to +5.5 by 16 November, bringing it across the threshold of naked-eye visibility.
Comet ISON's tail now trails over eight million km behind its body. That's more than 22 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon!
As its perihelion (closest encounter with the Sun) is on Thanksgiving Day in the US (28 Nov), there's still time to talk about it before my Post deadline of 17 Nov. All being well when Comet ISON has gone around the Sun it will be a spectacular sight in December!

  • 28 Nov: Comet ISON reaches perihelion
  • 29 Nov: The Moon and Spica (alpha Virginis) are within one degree
  • December:
  • 01: The Moon passes 1.3° south of Saturn
  • 03: New Moon
  • 05: The Moon passes 8° north of Venus
  • 06: Venus at its brightest: −4.9 magnitude
  • 08: The Moon passes 6° north of Neptune
  • 11: The Moon passes 3° north of Uranus
  • 13/14: Geminids meteor shower peak
  • 17: Full Moon - Cold Moon, Long Nights Moon, or the Moon before Yule
  • 19: The Moon passes 5° south of Jupiter
  • 20: (pre-dawn) Comet ISON passes M13 in Hercules
  • 21: Winter solstice (Northern Hemisphere)/Summer solstice (Southern Hemisphere)
  • 22: Ursids meteor shower peak
  • 26: The Moon passes 1.1° north of Spica
  • 28: The Moon passes within a degree of Saturn

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