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Posted: 25th November 2013

Infinite Variety

A lilac-breasted roller by Willem. Age doth not wither, nor custom stale, the infinite variety of h2g2. Especially during NaJoPoMo. All month, h2g2ers have been writing their hearts out. We've got ongoing stories (butter), hair-raising tales (butter), quizzes (butter), and…well, butter. We hope you've been enjoying yourselves. Mags has an update, and a thank-you to all those untiring writers.

But Create will not rest on its laurels. Oh, no. Come December, it's time to get your holiday material ready. This year's theme is making it memorable. What makes your solstice holiday memorable? Do you have a party tip, a song, some photos, a recipe to share? Get them ready!

Our Post contributors have been busy collecting fascinating titbits for you this week. Awix has an intriguing film review. (Good news, the Wrangler's back!) Willem has this gorgeous bird – are there no end of them in Africa? – and a bush you need to know about. Over in the US, we're gearing up, or down, for that cocooning holiday, Thanksgiving. You know, the one where we eat ourselves into a coma and utter thanks for the chance to act like bears in the winter. At least, until the holiday shopping rush starts the next day. More of the historical connection will be explained in the pages below.

So read, write, leave comments! Keep warm this week, and cuddle up with your nearest and dearest! If you're in the right part of the globe, enjoy your cranberry sauce. If you're antipodean, feel smug about the warmth, and pity the rest of us.

Next week: another feast of photos. (We won't say more.)

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Lilac-Breasted Roller by Willem
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  • Sesame Bush by Willem



  • The First Thanksgiving?
  • Raise the song of Harvest Home.


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