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heheh. Hullo Awix! Dmitri sent a link of your review to my journal, because I said I was going to see Rush, but I didn't get to it till now, and I saw the film last night.

Great review! I'm not the type of lady who was attracted to the James Hunt type persona, way back in the old 70s, heheh, smiley - senior, but it was interesting to remember the story. I think it was pretty accurate.

I didn't find the colour textures of the film very 70's. What do I mean by that? Well, I don't know. smiley - rofl I'm being pretentious. smiley - rofl. To me it seemed a bit bright and sharp somehow, perhaps needed a bit more of a scratchy vinyl feel. I have no idea what I mean by that, I'm going to try to figure it out. Have to check some films made in the 70s, and compare.

It seems that Niki Lauda made a cameo appearance at the end, but I only read that later, damn, now I'll have to watch it again. heheh. I read an intereview with him, later, somewhere online. He thought that Daniel Bruhl did a great job, and wished that James Hunt was here to watch it, he'd have enjoyed it.

Great review, thanks. If you have any thoughts on 70s film texture, I'd be grateful to know what I'm talking about. heheh. smiley - rofl

cc smiley - ok

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