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This week, we'll be hearing from Vestboy, who is the first of the interviewees that has inhabited totally different area of h2g2 than I while I don't recall speaking directly to Monsy, for instance, I do remember seeing her around quite a bit, but I'm not sure I saw Vestboy more than maybe once or twice, when exploring far reaches.

When did you join h2g2?

I've been around for 13 years on and off.

According to Pliny, your first activity was June 21, 1999, which lines up with other sources. Happy belated1 14th h2g2 birthday!

How did you hear of/find h2g2?

I was a fan of the books and stumbled across it.

Why did you join h2g2?

It was a cool idea and the people were quirkily funny.

Did you jump right in, or did you lurk awhile first?

I always jump right in!

Have you written an Edited Entry?

Yes, several.

How many?

About 20 I think... I lost my password for a while and so set up a second account and had a few published as Vestboy 2.

What was your first Entry?

To Do List

Discover cure for All Diseases

Make everyone friends with each other

Patch hole in ozone layer

Replant rain forest

Uninvent nuclear power

Build better solar panels

Find a sum with the answer 42 which makes more sense


PM nap

What is your favorite Entry (of the ones you've written, if any)?

I don't really have a favourite, but it might be the Uxbridge Rules for Scrabble.

That is really cool! I'm an instructional assistant, and work with special ed. kids, and that would be a great variation to play with whoever's not up to playing normal Scrabble.

What is your favorite Entry by someone else?

Too many to mention.

Do you belong to/have you started any clubs/societies/what-have-you on h2g2?

I set up the fish slapping game which went on between the Super Heros and Super Baddies in the early part of this century.
I regularly attended the Hotel.

Is that/are those club(s)/society(ies)/what-have-you(s) still active?


Have you held any volunteer positions in the past?

Yes, I've been an ACE in the early days and I have a couple of current badges for photography.

Are you a current volunteer?

Not really.

Which elvised researcher do you miss most?

I don't understand the question.

An elvised researcher is a researcher that has left h2g2, either for a long time or forever2.

Have you been known by other names on h2g2 (not necessarily other accounts)?


Is there anything from h2g2's past that you miss?

The humour.

Is there anything from h2g2's past that you wish you hadn't witnessed?

Some of the arguments.

What aspect of current h2g2 do you wish had been extant when you joined?


Have you been to any meets, of any size, whether "official" or not (meet=over a dozen, minimeet=6-12, micromeet=less than a half dozen)?


If you've never been to a meet, why not?

I nearly went to one once... so there is no reason not to go.

If I were to give you a mufflewhump, what would it turn into, keeping in mind that they can't turn into anything sapient nor anything that can act against the giver's (ie, my) interest, and that they only work on h2g2?


Have I given you one before?

Ooer Matron!

Did you know me before this interview?

I'm not sure I know you now.

Do you have a question for me (fair's fair, after all)?

How will I make my fortune?

Rearrange The Men of Yurt.

Thank you, Vestboy!

Next time3, we'll be hearing from ShazzPRME.

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1As you read this I'm typing this around 10:30PM my time on June 20, which makes it 6:30ishAM June 21 for Vestboy, so it's not belated as this is written.2If a researcher is gone forever because they are deceased, I don't think of them as elvised if they were active on h2g2 shortly before they died.3Real life will be hitting hard the next couple of weeks (in an extremely busy type of way). I'll try to get the next few submitted before things get crazy, but if I miss a week or two, that's why.

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