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Posted: 1st July 2013

That Floating Sensation

Salvador Dali in an art installation.

Feeling a bit up in the air these days? A little like that statue of Osiris in the Manchester Museum, who can't sit still? There's a lot of it going around. Fear not: here at the h2g2 Post, we have a story for every situation. We speak to your condition, as they say. You want something reliable? Check out Amy's Venerable Researchers. Vestboy's been around for quite a while. (No, you can't bill him as an antique.) Bluebottle's reliable, too – he and Florida Sailor can be counted on to rummage through that Flea Market and come out scratching with something great for the Edited Guide. Galaxy Babe reminds us that space is reliable, too – it will always excite your sense of awe.

Itching for some comedy? (Okay, not after that lame flea joke, sorry.) We've got it. We've got poetry, too, this week. Not one, but two h2g2ers were struck by the muse Erato. In my case, right upside the head, but that's par for the course.

The usual folks are here with cinema, comments on daily life, and wildlife to make you go 'ooh' and 'aah' and 'why can't Dmitri draw like that?' Lots of fun to be had.

We've got two requests: One, if you do anything interesting, or wish you had, write and tell us about it. Two, use your cameras. We really, really like pictures.

Folks, if we spent any more time telling you how awesome we think you are (and you know why, you friendly posters), you wouldn't have time to read this. So get reading already, and have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni



  • Mopane Moth by Willem.
  • Brightling Parks and Recreation solves the lawn maintenance problem.



  • Bread and Dutch Cheese, a photograph by Lanzababy
  • A almost-empty coffee cup.

  • Strange shapes moving in greeting.





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