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Love and Hate

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Thank you for another interesting article, It has always been said that love and hate are two sides of the same coin.

My thoughts on the Woolwich incident are that my thoughts are very much with the family of the soldier, but also with the family of one of the perpetrators. Imagine bringing up a son in Britain, with all the right values, a good education and a loving family, then finding he has been 'turned'! And turned in to something so horrific.

Oh, and a few members of the EDL turned up at a mosque in York probably bent on disruption (to put it politely) and were invited in for tea and biscuits! Love it smiley - biggrin Jaw Jaw not War War please.

As for the Gay issue, I am sick and tired of people pronouncing and dictating other people's way of life. Being gay is not a lifestyle choice, and the majority are decent, kind and loving people dragged down by the over the top posturing of a minority of the gay community. Most want to keep their heads down and get on with their lives.

So sorry about your aunt, but perhaps it was a happy release for her and she wasn't alone. My husband was, and it is my major regret. Yet again it was just like him to disappear off the planet in a solitary fashion, so I must just accept it.

Websailor smiley - dragon

Love and Hate

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It was a happy release really. I'm afraid, she was pretty much living to death, if that makes sense. As for your husband... I'm sorry, I can't say anything helpful, I don't think, but some people, perhaps, just want to be on their own at the end.

Love and Hate

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Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

Hey Benjamin. Sorry for your aunt's passing. smiley - candle RIP. Thanks for your piece as always I admire its honesty and good will (sometimes of fools).

I never have figured out how people decided that others with different sexual orientation offend or take away from THEIR rights and privleges. Diversity is fun and a lot less boring than the same old. It really bothers me when people are made into outcasts for the most bogus reasons. What is the fear trigger even? Fearful people are very dangerous but what on earth generates the hate and violence. It is not that these people are seeking anything other than the right to love another person and have the same legal rights as their heteronormative neighbours. It is a civil rights issue and a human rights issue.

Love and Hate

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smiley - peacedove for your Aunt

I was raised CofE, while I lost my belief in god early on, I still saw the church as being a positive part of my lifes and good force the community.

All the vicars I have known have been liberal and tolerant and that is also reflected in congregation and church to me has always been more about the social side of life than religious and that I have valued.

Where I live now I have worked with the Church on community projects and found them all to be good folk. So while I don't go church I have always feel it to be some sort of comfort that they are there.

I have also found that there when it comes to homosexuality there not so much a prejudice more a discomfort. This hasn't stemmed so much from religion but is more generational and also because people just don't know that many, if any gay people. Well, of course they probably know more than they think but in a not very big town it is still quite a big deal to be out.

I would say that this has really changed over the 5 years, there has been some sort of ground swell, people have become more open, others more accepting and it is just an everyday thing whch goes along to being a 'non-issue'.

I was startled at the strength of my reaction to two things, the vote against women bishops and response to the gay marriage bill (which is a bit of shambles but that is another thing)

I was so angry and felt quite militant. Enough now! I have had it with being understanding and patient and waiting for you catch up with the times. There was a huge loss of respect. I felt sad at the loss of comfort that I had previously felt.

I no longer feel that the church can be in my mind *just* a benign force for the good, a respected part of the fabric of the community,even though I still think those things.

While it holds the stances that it is taking, some sort of line has been drawn and we are on opposite sides of it.I feel squeamish about inflicting my beliefs on others, but like Electra says this is not about belief it is about rights which have to fought for.

So religion, the roles that it has to play in society has become politicised for me. Wheras I used to view it as more of a private matter.

If the CofE can't get with the times, time for disestablishment

Hmmm long post again, sorry

I blame you Benjamen for making me think smiley - tongueout

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