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This week's interviewee is someone I kept seeing in the Who's Online box, but didn't actually talk to until running into him Elsewhere1. Please welcome Woodpigeon.

When did you join h2g2?

April 29th, 1999.

How did you hear of/find h2g2?

I saw DNA talking about it on Tomorrow's World.

Why did you join h2g2?

I wish I knew! Fulfilling some sort of DNA shaped hole in my psyche, I guess. Douglas Adams' infectious enthusiasm had something to do with it.

Did you jump right in, or did you lurk awhile first?

I think I lurked for a short while. It wasn't too long before I was contributing and setting forth my views on everything like a completely incompetent novice.

Have you written an Edited Entry?


How many?


What was your first Entry?

World Population. It was, er, how do I put this sensitively? Ah yes. Utter crap.

What is your favourite Entry (of the ones you've written, if any)?

The Tambora Volcano.

What is your favourite Entry by someone else?

Skankyrich wrote an article about a photographer who came across a dying child. It was deeply moving and shocking. I still remember it.

Do you belong to/have you started any clubs/societies/what-have-you on h2g2?

I started a society (of one person) called the Living Earth Society. Mainly me posting links about Earth science events. I must have had loads of time on my hands back then.

Is that/are those club(s)/society(ies)/what-have-you(s) still active?

I don't think so.

Have you held any volunteer positions in the past?

I did quite a lot of Peer Reviewing at one stage.

Are you a current volunteer?


Which elvised researcher do you miss most?

I really don't know. I'm still in some contact with my best friends from H2G2.

Have you been an elvised researcher?

Oh yes.

What brought you back?

I'm still Elvised. Don't tell anyone.

And that, technically, removes Woodpigeon from the currently-active-old-timer category; at least as of the sending out of the questions. But I've seen him around since The Birthday, so I'm not breaking my self-imposed rules, just bending them a bitsmiley - winkeye

Have you been known by other names on h2g2 (not necessarily other accounts)?

In the early days, I called myself crymonal, I then changed it to Woodpigeon.

Is there anything from h2g2's past that you miss?

Oh god. Squirrel!

Is there anything from h2g2's past that you wish you hadn't witnessed?

No. I don't think so.

What aspect of current h2g2 do you wish had been extant when you joined?

Community Peer Review.

Have you been to any meets, of any size, whether "official" or not (meet=over a dozen, minimeet=6-12, micromeet=less than a half dozen)?


How many?

Hmm. Three, I think. Actually, 4. Two micro-meets in Dublin. One micromeet in Cork, and a proper meet in London.

Was my self portrait there?

Huh? What? Oh look! Squirrel!

How many copies? smiley - silly

1,345,567,456.2. I counted them all.

Wow. I think the most I heard of at a meet was 3.

If you've been to multiple meets, what's the farthest you've travelled to one?

Does meeting a H2G2 friend in Chicago count?

Sure does! So you've been to 5 meets.

If you've never been to a meet, why not?

Who? Me? I- I- was in the parlour at the time with the Maid.

Am I asking too many questions?

No. I'm just about to order my second drink. Please keep going.

Is this getting annoying?


How about now?

NO GODDAMNIT! *grinds teeth*

If I were to give you a mufflewhump, what would it turn into, keeping in mind that they can't turn into anything sapient nor anything that can act against the giver's (ie, my) interest, and that they only work on h2g2?

Oh look! A squirrel! A candy floss squirrel. It's now changing into a... Oh, never mind. It was just a rain cloud.

Had you even heard of mufflewhumps before the previous question?

Oh look! Squirrel!

Have I given you one before?

Yes is the correct answer, isn't it? Then yes. Ok, I mean no.

Did you know me before this interview?

Yes! (No squirrels this time.)

Do you have a question for me (fair's fair, after all)?

Great interview questions.

Oh hold on, that's a statement, not a question.

Great Interview Questions?

I'm not doing this quite right, am I?


Thank you! Though now I wonder what we're going to do with all those squirrels. Maybe Elton can find them a job.

Next week, we'll be hearing from Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron.

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1Under his real name, not his h2g2 name, so keeping names straight can be interesting

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