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Posted: 11th February 2013

Love and Other Near-Earth Objects

A heart-shaped door decoration. Ha! Now that's a title you won't see anywhere else on the web. Don't say we aren't original.

On 14 February, that little guy with the arrows goes about, seeking hearts to target. Young lovers, you know what to do. The rest of us will pretend not to notice as you bill and coo, showering each other with bon-bons and boxes of naughty lingerie.

On 15 February, while you are still basking in the afterglow, we'll all be hiding under the bed with Nigel, as 2012 DA14, an asteroid as large as a football field (that's NASA, so I think they mean a US football field), passes only 17,000 miles from Earth. It's historic, and all that.

The take-home message, according to NASA, is: Yeah, it's a big deal. But don't panic! It's not gonna hit us. You heard it here.

Maybe it's all the excitement. Maybe it's just the winter blues. But our Post writers have been extra creative this week. There are the usual thrills, spills, and thoughtiness. Dr Anthea is back with a cartoon.There are also two – count 'em, two – unsolicited rants. One is from me, about the meteorite myth. (I'm channeling Nigel and those 18th-century scientists.) The other is from the redoubtable Bluebottle, who defends the honour of the Isle of Wight. Julian Barnes, take note.

Remember to be working on your February Create Challenge entry. We're waiting for photos. Not all challenges are formal. Nosebagbadger challenged your Editor the other day, on the subject of writing about hats. Boy, is he going to be sorry. Click below to find out why.

You can find Stuff in the Post that you don't find anywhere else, like a hat with a fish on it. Tell your friends – and send Stuff. You, too, can join this elite group of certifiable nutcases renowned authors.

Have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni



  • A little blue boat.


  • Advert for Wick fancy hatbands.
  • An asteroid passing a whale.
  • Isle of Wight fortifications





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