Quote of The Day Review: July 2012

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Your QotD Archivist is back with the month's quotable quotes.

Quote of The Day Review: July 2012

An interrobang, a combination of question and exclamation marks.

Hello and welcome to July's Quote of the Day review. Now first up, I apologise for this month's review being a bit shorter. It's not that QotD hasn't been as interesting this month, oh no, it's that I've just moved house, and so am rather busy at the moment. Haven't got any internet in the house yet either, so I need to type quickly!

What's New?

The new Quotees this month are, in order of appearance: lil, Lanzababy, Magwitch, Dr Anthea and Vip. Do you notice something about that list? I do. They're all girls ladies. This rather got me thinking, and looking at the leaderboard. If I know about researchers as much as I think I do, then the first ladies on the leaderboard are anhaga, Beatrice De'Ath and Trillian's Child all on 4 Quotes apiece, and there's 12 men above them in the list. Is this a competition just for the boys? Of course it isn't. h2g2 is an absolute meritocracy, and QotD is no different. This game is for everyone.

The new fora for from which Quotes came this month are: Malabarista's journal, h2g2 Communications' message centre, Dr Anthea's journal, Sho's journal and Icy North's message centre. There's a bit of a story in there too. You will recall the that Quote from the 26th of June was by h2g2 Communications1. Well, Icy North, mistakenly, thought that I'd congratulated him on the day instead, and posted to the thread on h2g2 Communications' message centre saying so. He then realised his mistake, and commented "That's what I enjoy most about this place. You can make an honest mistake, safe in the knowledge that people won't fall about laughing and embarrass you over it.". This, almost inevitably, become the Quote for the 13th, and so I duly congratulated him in his message centre. He then recalled another incident a few years ago when he said of another comment "If that makes Quote of the Day, I'll eat my keyboard.", which, of course, it did. I then remarked that, as another post of mine preceded his post of yesteryear, "I seem to be leading you into these things.". Which itself became the QotD for the 28th. I'm sure it's not at all embarrassing to Icy North that I bring all this up again. He won't mind.

I saw your standings there

Looking at the July leaderboard reveals that 17 researchers each had one Quote during the month, and 7 researchers bagged two Quotes. The highly original alpha-numeric ordering system that I use means that the researcher at the top of the table this month is... err... me. That's a bit awkward. I feel like I've dropped a clanger there. Rather appropriately, given that was the subject of my second Quote this month. Ah. Oh well.

Anyway, that stately distribution of Quotes means that a few people have crept slowly up the leaderboard without anyone making a bold dash to glory. Icy North is now firmly in second place on 10 Quotes, Hoovooloo pulled equal to Mu Beta in third place on 8 Quotes, and Gnomon jumped up to fourth place with 7 Quotes, and Mr603 and Pink Paisley joined 2legs on 6 for joint fifth place. Edward the Bonobo is still top of the tree on 11 Quotes.

Quote of the Month?

Again, no. I cannot judge quality. My music collection contains The Ballad of Biblo Baggins, which should surely be evidence enough. Furthermore, I usually say that I couldn't possibly choose the best, but this month features two Quotes from me, which I think are brilliantly funny, though you'd all look at me askance if I suggested them. So I'll give the floor to the mothers instead. There's Trillian's Child's Quote from the 17th recalling another thread2:

Somewhere in the murky depths of this site there is also a thread on Mumspeak. You know - things like "If you break your leg, don't come running to me!"

Or Dr Anthea's Quote from the 22nd in which she recalls her actions in the process of becoming a mother:

"accentually" told midwife i hated her when she told me it was too late for pain killers....

Or how about Vip's Quote from the 23rd where she calls her own parenting skills into question:

Watching mummy control a giant lizard who crushes its enemies skulls with a huge axe might not be the world's greatest introduction to video games.

But are these the best? I couldn't possibly say. Have a look at the archive and you can decide.

So keep up the good work Researchers, be interesting, be witty, and be Quotable. And if you find something that you think is Quotable, then email it to [email protected], providing the Quote, a link to the post it comes from, and the Quoted researcher's details. QotD without Quotes is just, well, D.

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1You don't? Go and have a look then.2Which could probably do with a bit of revival if someone can find it.

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