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Posted: 27th August 2012

Happy, Sad, and Hopeful

Mandala artwork.The picture you see here, by JEllenJ42, serves two purposes besides beautifying the page: it links to the discussion some h2g2ers are having on the philosophical implications of maths, and it reminds us of the greater patterns we make through our interactions with one another.

Just last week, we were urging you all to lie back and enjoy your holidays. Of course, nobody listens to us at all. You sent so much Stuff in – all about your adventures and discoveries – that we've got a big issue this week. That's the way, ignore us. We aren't proud, we'll take it all. And we're proud of you.

Two people we're proud of are Z and Pastey. Z, because after all the brilliant work he's done to get h2g2 up and running on its own, he's taking a step back to finish his PhD. Way to go, Z, our very own George Washington1. Pastey's taking over the reins, because apparently he didn't have enough to do, just keeping all the technical stuff working. People are threatening to call the Temporal Police on him for misusing a tardis and re-crossing his own timeline, because otherwise nobody can explain how he's getting all this done.

On a more somber note, we mourn the premature passing of h2g2's first elected President, Peregrin. Bluebottle has written a tribute and will explain. Those who were here in the early days will remember this Researcher well. We wish to express our sadness at this untimely event, and our gratitude for all Peregrin did for h2g2 and others. This is truly a community that touches many lives.

The Post Staff have enjoyed reading each of these contributions, and we are proud to share them with you.

Until next week, be well, friends!

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