The Post Quiz: Heroes Who Break the Mould

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We know you're still reading, so we thought we'd test you about fictional characters.

The Post Quiz: Heroes Who Break the Mould

A statue of the first Duke of Wellington.

Each of these fictional heroes confounds our expectations in some way. Can you name them all?

  1. This dashing hero has a shocking profile and a real feather in his cap. (It's called a panache.) He's known for writing poetry and fighting duels – sometimes at the same time. The heroine doesn't find out how much he loves her until he's dying of concussion from being hit on the head by a falling log. (The perils of adversarial journalism.) Who is this romantic fellow?
    • The Count of Monte Cristo.
    • Cyrano de Bergerac.
    • D'Artagnan.
    • Jean Valjean.
  2. This hero spends a lot of his time obsessing on fashion, much to the disgust of his intellectual and politically-aware wife. He's witty, but silly. Of course, in his secret identity, he's defeating the bad guys and rescuing innocents in daring raids. Oh, and he's a master of disguise, too. Who is this best-dressed freedom fighter?
    • GI Joe.
    • Rocky Balboa.
    • The Scarlet Pimpernel.
    • Beau Brummel.
  3. This hero is one of Starfleet's finest. Nobody's surprised when he faces down Klingons, Romulans, and Cardassians, or gets his crew out of tight spots. After all, he's Starfleet. But, much to the discomfort of the folks back in San Francisco, he's also an established religious icon on another planet. Who is this Federation demigod?
    • James T Kirk.
    • Zephrem Cochran.
    • Jean-Luc Picard.
    • Benjamin Sisko.
  4. This hero is another swashbuckler of old who pretends to be dorky when not in costume. He frustrates petty dictators, rides a horse, and leaves his hallmark 'Z' everywhere, because his secret identity is 'Zorro', the Fox. Aha, you know his name – Don Diego de la Vega – but where does he live?
    • Spain.
    • Argentina.
    • Mexico.
    • California.
  5. This character is sort of a dork, but he's heroic, almost in spite of himself. He can't even spell the name of his profession (which he's no good at), but when the chips are down, the world can count on him – even if it is flat. He knows, since he spends a lot of his time running across it. Who is this magical marvel?
    • Harry Potter.
    • Rincewind.
    • Merlin.
    • Victor Frankenstein.
  6. This hero was born to be hanged, at least, in the opinion of most people1. From his humble workhouse beginnings, this rough-and-ready fighter went from private to general, defeating Napoleon and attracting a lot of attention from ladies in the process. Who is this military wonder?
    • The Comte de Saint Germain.
    • Richard Sharpe.
    • Horatio Hornblower.
    • Jack Aubrey.
  7. This unlikely hero saves the world at least twice without ever getting out of his pyjamas. All he really wants is for the universe to say 'yes' – and give him a good cup of tea. We refuse to say more than that, because if you don't know him, why are you on this website? What's the hero's name?
    • Arthur Dent.
    • Ace Rimmer.
    • Zaphod Beeblebrox.
    • Han Solo.
  8. This LA detective will solve all your problems for $50 a day, plus expenses, though with the amount of rye he drinks, we wonder how he manages to find his car keys. He's been played by a lot of film greats, including Elliott Gould, whose version lost a battle of wits with a cat. Who is this noir gumshoe?
    • Sam Spade.
    • Adrian Monk.
    • Philip Marlowe.
    • Dick Tracy.
  9. Another detective: this one's an unpromotable British police constable. He's wrong-footed by everyone, including his wife and his sometime roommate. His dog doesn't even have a name, and his colleagues make fun of him. Although nice guys usually finish last, our hero somehow always gets the villain. Who is this defender of public order in a London suburb?
    • Joe Friday.
    • Hamish Macbeth.
    • Evan Evans.
    • Dangerous Davies.
  10. This weighty hero comes from the realm of Hyboria. His unusual exercise regimen involved pushing a mill wheel until he grew up. He started out as a thief, and branched into heavy weapons. He lives in a fantasy world, but doesn't like gods and supernaturalism. Who is this muscular pagan?
    • Conan the Barbarian.
    • Tarzan of the Apes.
    • The Mighty Thor.
    • Elton the Wonder Hamster.

Think you knew them all? You well-read person, you. Check the answers by clicking on the picture below.

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1And was, once. But that was faked to fool the French.

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