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Your QotD Archivist is back with the month's quotable quotes.

May significa

An interrobang, a combination of question and exclamation marks.

It's been a month of surprises and milestones in Quote of The Day. There was a double Quoting, an incredibly successful first-timer, and the most Quoted researcher of the month was also the subject of a further three Quotes (could they claim those too, or would that be cheating?). On the forum side, the source of the most number of Quotes passed a substantial margin.

What's new?

The first surprise of the month was the double Quote on the second by swl and Mu Beta. Their Quotes were taken from a pair of posts in the same thread, with Mu Beta's post answering the question in swl's: 'Does Orcus count as local knowledge or somewhere to avoid?' – 'Almost certainly both.' I wasn't entirely sure how to award the points for this (should they have a point each, or half a point?) until Mu Beta suggested that they be given the points jointly, and as swl was in agreement the first joint attribution was given. So on the leaderboard as it stands Mu Beta has 8 Quotes, swl has 2 Quotes and swl & Mu Beta have 1 Quote.

This month's new Quotees were, in order: Mr. X, Still Incognitas, Z, SiliconDioxide, Vestboy, HonestIago. Though there were only six, they account for eight of the month's Quotes. Z, our cat herder in chief, managed to go from a standing start to rack up three Quotes before the end of the month. This is clearly a very good beginning for the new boy, and I'm sure we all wish him well for the future.

There weren't many new fora from which Quotes were pulled during the month, and the three new appearance were all journals: 2legs' journal, Trillian's Child's journal, Bel's journal. Two of this month's Quotes came from 2legs' journal, though the first one was, in another surprising move, the title of the thread rather than the content of any post.

On the up

There wasn't much movement at the top of the overall leaderboard this month. Both Ed and Mu Beta gained one Quote, leaving the order of the top three intact – Edward the Bonobo has 11 Quotes, Mu Beta 8 and Hoovooloo 6.

The monthly leaderboard, on the other hand, was dominated by 2legs (with 4 Quotes), KB and Z (who both have 3 apiece). If this was a really mercenary competition then 2legs could arguably claim even more: the two Quotes on the 8th and 9th of the month both made mention of him. And 2legs' Quote on the 19th was followed by KB's Quote (from the succeeding post on the same thread) on the 20th which was asking how to go about nominating the Quote which came before it1. 2legs only got his first Quote of the year in April, and four more in May puts him on 5 Quotes in total, and clearly in a position to challenge the top three. Admittedly, he's not alone in that – KB's three Quotes this month also puts him on 5 overall, and Icy North is there too, thanks to his one Quote in May. The top three certainly need to look out for this pack snapping at their heels. We are only five months into the year, and it's still anyone's game.

Looking at the fora chart, Askh2g2 breached a milestone in racking up 100 Quotes taken from its various threads. It is far and away the most popular source of Quotes, with the nearest rivals being KB's journal and Peer Review each with a comparatively humble 4 Quotes having been taken from them. Obviously, we aren't going to abandon Ask anytime soon, so that's going to stay at the top of this leaderboard, but it's nice to see that Ask isn't the only thing on h2g2, and we do talk elsewhere too.

Quote of the Month?

Oh, I don't know, and seriously, I should never be considered an arbiter of quality. I own a DVD of Plan 9 from Outer Space – what does that tell you? But look, the Quotes are all safely stored away, so you can decide for yourself. Though if I was pushed, then I'd say that 2legs' Quote from the 25th was worthy of consideration:

Good taste can't protect us from Medallian man! Even shrouding ourselves in a protective layer of good taste, its just not enough... Just when you think its safe, you get out of your car, walk across the carpark, wondering why there is no pedestrian paths provided, and then, turning left, onto the street, walking past an intimidating block of offices, he attacks, coming from nowhere, appearing as if through some mystical method of magically suddenly appearing as if from nowhere, and he's there. Just there. so menacing, so there, and no cloak of good taste can prevent the inevitable, the fatal and the fatalistic. You walk. Medallian man walks.

And that's not even the full post! Go read the whole thing; it's just the sort of rambling stream of consciousness post that has made him famous in these parts. Classic 2legs. Really, it is.

So keep up the good work Researchers, be interesting, be witty, and be Quotable.

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