The h2g2 Virtual Library Unreal Reading List, Part 5

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At long last *sob*, the mad list compiled by Jabberwock and friends comes to an end.

All kidding aside, we've enjoyed this excursion into the literary insane. Thanks to Jabberwock and friends for sharing it with us.

The h2g2 Virtual Library Unreal Reading List, Part 5

PS And of course, you may add your nonsense to the mix. Post below, or join the thread.

Books to help you understand Flaubert's Parrot

  1. Confessions of a Phil McCaverty
  2. Turkish Donna Kebab
  3. The Day an Alien Spaceship Landed In Siberia to Save the A. Tallstorey – B. Leiveit-Ifyoumust and R.U. Gullible-Enuff
  4. The Road Less Dai Version
  5. Getting Rid of the Mimi Furst
  6. Talking straight to the point.....By Ivor Ben A Waffling
  7. The Broken Down A A Mann
  8. The Debt C U Owen
  9. Dawn Chorus
  10. Mona Lott
  11. Juniors Free Ma Soupial
  12. All about Smell'a' Alf Hart
  13. A motorist's guide to Low bridges.....By Bob Under
  14. Global Ida Downe
  15. Yorkshire's Ethnic Ayup Sithi
  16. Hot holiday destinations.....By I M A Frazzled
  17. The Early Di Young
  18. Spring is amongst May Flower
  19. The Spy Who Came to I C U Knibbling
  20. How to clean Lighthouse windows.....By Ivor Bigladder
  21. Accidents and Emergencies: The Police in Colin Allcars
  22. Dr. Pangloss's Philosophy and All Is For The Best In This Best Of All Possible C. Noevil
  23. How to Tell Your Verse from Your Ruud Poet
  24. In Outlaw Robin Banks

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