The Post Famous Redheads Quiz

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Recent discussions on h2g2 have led to this quiz. It turns out that the auburn-haired among us have been the victims of a bad rap – accused of witchcraft, bad tempers, and general looniness. But red-haired people have also been counted among the movers and shakers of history. Test your knowledge of the carrot-topped here.

The Post Famous Redheads Quiz

Short-answer questions this time. Warning: Number Two pencil is hard to get off the screen.

Brian Boru

  1. What famous British queen alarmed her enemies with her loud voice and striking red hair?
  2. How unusual was it for English monarchs to have red hair?
  3. What about US Presidents? Any redheads in the group?
  4. Let's get out of the English-speaking realm for a minute. What famous Continental emperor sported the russet hue?
  5. What great composer (think seasonal mood music) was known as 'The Red Priest'?
  6. Let's get literary. What 19th-century red-haired humorist declared, ' When red-haired people are above a certain social grade their hair is auburn.'?
  7. What Bible characters have been accused of having red hair?
  8. What great Russian would rather have been red than dead?
  9. Another literary quote. Who wrote, 'The prejudice against habitual silence, among the lower order of the people, is almost as inveterate as the prejudice against red hair.'?
  10. Are all Caucasians red-headed? What does the Chinese phrase 'ang mo' really mean?

You know the drill by now. To get the inside dope, you have to click on the picture.

Alfred the Great, King of England
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