The Post's Post: Email Madness

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Back when I was a kid, Perry Como used to read letters on his TV show that he got from fans. The segment was introduced with a jingle, 'Letters, we get letters….we get tons and tons of letters….' Well, the Post gets 'em, too. I wonder if Mr Como's were as weird.

The Post's Post: Email Madness

An envelope zooming along a train track.

I wouldn't have opened this one, but from the header, I thought it was one of youze guys. See if you can figure out why.

Dinosaurs Museum Supplier

Very nice to know that you are doing the business of dinosaurs museum

We supply many products like : | Alive looking dinosaurs | Robotic wild animals model | Children slide | Fiberglass cartoon | Pirate model | ..etc...for European and USA clients over 5years

The most interesting issue is that our animals can make sound and movements like : eyes blink , tails left to right and even stomach breathing...etc..

If you are interested in , ple contact us to get a full price list of our dinosaurs in next email

Moving dinosaurs video in factory : [link to website, we won't go there]


[Name Withheld by the Editor]


You get the idea. Stop and think about it: which is odder, the fact that someone has the h2g2 Post on a list of dinosaur museums, or the fact that the Post Editor thinks an email about dinosaurs probably applies to the Post? I blame Willem, among others. You know who you are. (Trying searching for 'dinosaur' on h2g2. Try it both ways: 'Guide Entries Only' and not. See what I mean?)

The next email is offering to sell us 'corn lights'. I am unable to discern whether these lights run on corn, i.e., maize, or are made of corn. Or if the writer is just full of corn. The letter includes this tidbit1:

if you like then i can send to you our pricelist and specs. by the way,it won"t bite to browse our website for more surprises!

Someone from Israel writes to offer us his services composing music for our commercials. I think the AViators have got that covered, but it's nice to know that they write better English in Israel than the rest of these people.


So there you have it – a glimpse into the Post inbox. I'm thinking of writing back with an ad for a really good spellchecker.

And h2g2 organisers wonder why the Post doesn't want any more mailboxes.

Speaking of mailboxes, remember that you can send us your copy at postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com. Please do not give this address to any manufacturers of corn lights and/or talking dinosaurs.

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1Elektra still won't let me spell that word British.

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