The h2g2 Virtual Library Unreal Reading List, Part 1

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A short while ago, lil responded to a journal entry of mine by remarking, 'I can tell you've been around the Prof too much.' The Prof and I discussed this remark, and decided not to reply. On the Prof's part, this is discretion being the better part of valour: lil knows where he lives.

She's got a point, though: hanging around the Prof can be an education in surrealism. He likes it that way, and so do we.

Recently, he let us in on a secret: he and his layabout friends (and other, possibly innocent bystanders)1 got together on a thread run by Jabberwock and started composing a list of book titles and authors. It's not that they all read books, you understand2. They just like to make up book titles and authors.

This is the first installment. How many more there are depends on how many of you write and beg me to stop. – DG

The h2g2 Virtual Library Unreal Reading List, Part 1

PS I hesitate to do this. I really do. But the participants insisted.

Should you be so like-minded as to have further reading suggestions of this variety, please….oh, lord, I shouldn't say this….please, choke, feel free to add them at the bottom of this page. (I'm going to hate myself in the morning.)

Books to help you understand Flaubert's Parrot

  1. The Bumper Book of Q.I. Ann Idiot
  2. Running: The Story of My Ivor Greensleeve
  3. God Really Exists, beyond the Shadow of a Doubt.....By I.M. Certain
  4. Love Ms Di Vorce
  5. Love Mr Al Imony
  6. Love A Kidd
  7. Get Up, Y. R. Yewsleeping
  8. Frére Sony les Martin S
  9. The Big Guy Fawkes
  10. Spoons I Have Guy Fawkes
  11. I'm A Star! R.U.Sirius
  12. No More Posts? Ava Go
  13. Keep On Dom Ino
  14. Knock! Knock! Knock!.....By Isabel Working
  15. The Chinese Rent Man Shin T'in
    (Yorkshire Edition)
  16. Cliff Eileen Dover
  17. Catch a Falling O Schitt and E Duckt
  18. The Cruel C.....A biography of a failed Soprano.
  19. Sleepless in Ivor Nastikoff
  20. Around the World in 80 Ryan Ayer
  21. More Tales of the Hymer Duff-Saikik
  22. Fun and Games with the 1x I. Rish-Mathematician
  23. Fascinating Lines and Veins on the Back of my Frank Lee Bjord
  24. Big Noses are good for O. Otto Schnozz
  25. A Tale of Two C Double
  26. The Man in the Iron Candy Guy

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1I'm giving them the benefit of editorial doubt).2Okay, Bel and Paulh. I know you read books. But if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

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