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The Theater

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Mekhled Al-zaza
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I am standing up on the waiting theatre,
Wakeful, upset and wan.
I wish a mercy from God
To help me solve the puzzle.

I am standing up, in distressed silence
With distrustful dreams and heart.
Dreaming in a waft take me
Far and far and behind
Drop me in memory as divine justice
Expand me in soul as oracle
Spread me between worry eyes
To crash all of this spiritless.

I am standing behind the cover
Waiting for one kiss from your vociferation lips
To liberate me from the one way.
To let me free from whipping my...
The feeling of belittled
To sack from the historical tone.
All of gloom and spite
I am standing up,
Waiting by stealth a touch
Keep me, from exploitation of people
Donate, what the fate deprived me of.
Broadcast in necropolis the smell of bustle.

I sucked of the looseness, exclaim
Full with the poor and foolishness.
I sucked the life, which motivates me
Here and there like the dust.
I detested the quiet and motionless.
I detested unholy standing up
Crying and don't stop
I am not patient any more.
Dressing, the dress of globalization
Cant walking between blood and putrefaction.
Excuse me my savior
If I close the theatre
If I crash the cover
And waiting you, again and again
Where the thoughts raise
Excuse me if I change my homeland
And put you in my heart and mind
As a good memory and sweet hope

Oh! My...
I will forget what they said
And what will advise
I will not stand up behind
The mask, and to be
Silent forever.
After I understood, what mother said?
How important is to love
How important is not to be a slave.

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The Theater

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