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Deep Doo Doo

For my money, it has to be this:


It spent a while in PR before the author couldn't continue because of a lack of funds; it's important to read the review thread, especially the last post by the author.

Truly compelling stuff. I'd have loved to have seen this completed and published to a wider audience.

Maybe the showcase can help with that?

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

Wow thanks for that one nosebagbear, I'd not come across it before and it's great to have an endorsement like that. What you say about the Entry is how we see the Guide - being both properly researched but interesting to read, unlike a wikipedia article on the same thing, which would be dull as...

And Deep Doo Doo, I was really moved by the PR thread attached to the Entry you recommended. I am going to think on about this lost nearly finished piece. I feel we owe it to the author to make it more widely available. What a pity we can't trace him. Thanks for turning it up, this is the sort of stuff I think shows the eclectic nature of the Guide.

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Post 23


Two nominations here, a lighter one, and a serious one; an EG one, and a UG one:

A85654957 - The Phantom Time Hypothesis.

I always love those loon... er, alternative theories on history smiley - biggrin

A3204983 - My Termination.

That one heartwrenched me.

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Post 24

Lanzababy - Guide Editor

Thanks toybox - I appreciate you nominating here. As you might have noticed, we're not overflowing with responses.

Cheers! I'll add your suggestions to the list.

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I almost thought it was an obsolete nomination thread smiley - blush

It could benefit of being called 'Showcase - Please nominate here', so that it would draw people's attention when visiting somebody's PS and seeing the thread out of context in the conversation list smiley - 2cents

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Post 26

Lanzababy - Guide Editor

I like your thinking toybox. Maybe I could go meddle, hmmm, I shall go see if I have access to any smiley - magic Editorial toys.

I was going to say I like people thinking outside the box, but given your nickname, it may have been a pun too far. smiley - blush

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

smiley - whistle How's that? I do so like positive suggestions!

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Post 28


smiley - groan

Or we could start a new thread here, if you don't want to fiddle with the Subject line.

Actually you should thank all those people who are writing "[Researcher name]'s journal" in their journal entries, they made me realise how an explicit* title could be useful.

* no, not explicit in *that* sense smiley - blushsmiley - run

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Post 29


Better, thank you smiley - ta

(And I like the hyphenated one better, to avoid multiple colons)

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