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It's lovely seeing so many old familiar user names back on h2g2 again.

Here is the official Welcome from the team who run the site.

The Who's Online? Bug

The "Who's Online" gadget isn't working properly at this writing1. Whenever a search engine updates itself about our site or someone reads an entry or journal entry by one of our researchers, a software bug makes it appear as if the author is logged in. Pastey and the Tech Team are working to fix this disconcerting bug.

Who's Really Online?

If you've just got back, why not drop into the Researchers Reunited and Prodigal Posters - look who's back! thread and tell us what you've been up to?

Where is everything?

Here is the Welcome Message from Douglas Adams, the founder of the site.

Help build h2g2, your Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything by submitting your research to Peer Review or The Post. If you'd like a little help with your entry or if you prefer working collaboratively with other researchers, you may submit your entry to
Alternative Writing Workshop.
Published research appears on h2g2's Front Page. The Post Links Page points you toward the best of h2g2.

h2g2 is an open forum, so everything you post can be read by everybody else. You cannot delete nor correct what you have posted in conversation threads. This is where the 'preview' button below your answering box comes in handy. The only thing you can edit or delete is any guide entry you create, including the introduction on your Personal Space. To prevent Post post regret please consult the Guide to Netiquette on h2g2.

Moving h2g2 from the BBC's servers to Not Panicking Ltd's servers stirred up a few bugs. If you notice any bugs, please report them here: New h2g2 Feedback.

What's new?

The best way to stay abreast of the news is to subscribe to the h2g2 Announcements. This site map may also prove helpful.

What's been happening?

How long have you got? The BBC bought h2g2 back in January 2001, and ten years later (minus one day) they decided to sell us.

h2g2 is now owned by Not Panicking Ltd. We went live here in our new home on on Week 42 this year. And now, here we are! And here you are!

Did we already say it already? Welcome back!

1Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Infinite Improbability Drive

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