The Post Art Challenge: Finding Mental Space

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Get out your cameras and drawing tools, people. It's a...

Post Art Challenge! Define Your Mental Space

It has been insinuated – no, correct that, it has been proclaimed – that we h2g2ers are not doing enough to encourage the visual arts. Pah! We here at the Post will now prove those naysayers wrong. With a capital 'Wubble-You'. We are not only about writing. We are also about the Gesamtkunstwerk1

Your task, should you accept it, is to submit a photograph. The photograph has to be one you made. The task does not stop there, however. You must manipulate the photo in some way – fool around with it. You may twist and distort it, solarise it, turn it inside it out, draw on it, add funny captions or exotic text, put two pics together, make a superb montage, whatever you like.

The theme is Defining Mental Space. Any manipulated photo which defines mental space in some way is welcome. More than welcome. We will be delighted to gaze and admire.

A few ground rules:

  • The photograph must be yours. No stealing.
  • If your photo shows any people, you have to have their permission to use it. (Plants and animals are not required to sign release forms. Just ask nicely.)
  • You may do anything you like with the pic, as long as it stays within the House Rules. No cussing or showing naughty bits.
  • Photos should not be bigger than 400 x 400 pixels, so the web doesn't get a headache.
  • Be as weird as you like. One of our favourite Post photographers tends to achieve mind-bendingly avant garde results taking pictures of such exotic items as the snap-case on her camera2.

So have at it, shutterbugs. We expect creative. We expect artistic. We expect the unexpected.

Hootoo wants you!

(The usual drivel applies: We publish submissions as we get them, no contest nonsense, no prizes other than our sincere expressions of awe and amazement, etc, etc, yadda yadda. In case of duplicate submissions, we will be so busy laughing at the coincidence, we will probably forget to publish them for about a week.)

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1If you don't know this word, look it up. Or else ask h5ringer, our musical expert.2Which has appeared as an alien life form in these pages.

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