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Happy Snappy Shutterbug

Post 1


Happy Snappy Shutterbug I am now. heheh. smiley - rofl. I love the parrot pic. smiley - rofl. Especially the one saying !.

I am a photographic mental space.smiley - rofl, with funny titles. Avant garde results?? What an honour. I never saw it that way. Now I might become briefly confident. smiley - rofl. smiley - rofl.

Expect insects.

Happy Snappy Shutterbug

Post 2

Dmitri Gheorgheni, Post Editor

smiley - rofl I shall expect insects.

Happy Snappy Shutterbug

Post 3

aka Bel - A87832164

Sounds intriguing. smiley - boing

Great idea, Dmitri. smiley - ok

Happy Snappy Shutterbug

Post 4


I'm looking forward to seeing your photographic mental space. smiley - smiley

For myself, I'm too technologically illiterate to produce anything.

Happy Snappy Shutterbug

Post 5

Dmitri Gheorgheni, Post Editor

Nonsense. If you have the Paint program (and you do), just slap a snapshot on it and have at it. smiley - winkeye

Happy Snappy Shutterbug

Post 6


I remember when DG showed me that, how to change the size of a photo and copy paste it into the Paint facility, write all over it, and refile it. It has rearranged my life, mostly for the better. smiley - rofl.

Mind you, I'm in trouble right now. I just sent in a weird giant grasshopper photo, saying hullo. smiley - rofl, sort of like a friendly insecty mindspace, with added scratchy shadows, but I forgot Mister D was allergic. smiley - rofl. Delete the hopper! Delete the hopper! If it helps, it wasn't real. It was originally a giant golden papier mache grasshopper in a shop window in Brighton. smiley - rofl.

Time to seek out some of my other family photos. smiley - rofl. erm. Aunty Iguana. Uncle Rodent. OK. I go. smiley - run

Happy Snappy Shutterbug

Post 7

Dmitri Gheorgheni, Post Editor

smiley - rofl I am relatively unscathed, dear cc. And your otherworldly collectionm made up for it.

Papier-mache? Wow. Will wonders never cease? (Not on h2g2, anyway.)

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