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Am I Really Hearing the Music

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Wanted to see if its just me.

A few weeks back I was at a friends house for dinner and in the back ground the song 'Black Velvet' was played as part of a compilation.

The evening concluded and went home. After a few more alcohlic beverages went sleep. I had to wake up at 05:00 for nature's call and decieded to surf a bit as I wasn't tired.
I heard the song playing but it was playing externally as if i yawned or blocked an ear it was muffled.

Any one every heard of this happening before

Ninja smiley - cheers

Am I Really Hearing the Music

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There could be two things going on here. Most often, I believe the first has occured, but the second could indeed be happening.

1. You are indeed hearing it in your head. But, when you yawn or blocked an ear, it broke your conversation. Thus, the song 'stopped playing' in your head.

2. You actually are quietly humming it to yourself. Thus, yawning or blocking an ear causes the same thing that would happen if you were hearing it from a radio or the like.

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Am I Really Hearing the Music

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