A Conversation for Talking Point: Your Internal Jukebox


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Baron Grim

Years ago here in the states a comedian came out with a series of books called "Sniglets". It listed words for thing that didn't previously have names. (Similiar concept to "the Meaning of Liff" but without the geographic connection.) One that has always stuck with me is "Musicosis". Which is exactly what were talking about here. That disease of the mind. However I instigated a nasty game here at work where we try to give each other our musicosis. Hey if everyone's going to pass around the cold or flu why not this. It's amazing how effective it is... You can even pass it through email!!! Of course when you find a song that someone is especially allergic to you can always use that to "trump" someone trying to give you musicosis with their song. I let it slip how much I hate one song in particular...(and I'm having a hard time even forming the title as I type lest it ... Oh smiley - bleep too late... Now "Come On Eileen" is blaring in my head. Anyway, when I try to pass off some Abba or whatever on to some of my coworkers they now try to block by just saying "Come On...." That's all it takes. I really wish now I hadn't commented on this subject because it will be hours now before I don't here Dexies Midnight Runners. I think I would hate it enough even if I didn't always picture them in those stupid cover-alls from the Video.



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Ythika the purple giraffe - Minister for Unusual Musical Instruments

I know what you mean about THAT song. Apparently there has been a study done on the part of the brain that is affected. They have found it so hopefully that means we can eradicate the problem. Hopefully with no side effects.
I heard all this on the radio (a little while ago now - hence the vagueness) and to illustrate his point the announcer played Aga Do - The Pineapple Song. Took me a long time to get rid of that one. It might be good in your game.
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Vampress (ex-LDer--Queen of The Dark Side - and PART time lurker only, due to busy vampiric duties)

Well personally the only time I ever suffer with 'Musicosis' is when Im day dreaming, but unfortunatley for me I day dream quite a lot......In my 'Musicosis' type state Im always taken back to the 80's, not only did I have puberty to cope with but I was also misguided enough to think 'ra-ra' skirts and 'shell suits' were trendy smiley - yikes

The little dittys I have the pleasure of hearing in my head on almost a weekly basis are....

'Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini' - Timmy Mallet (if only someone had shown him how to put that mallet to good use)

'I think we're alone now' - Tiffany smiley - grr

'Theme from S-Express'-S-Express smiley - steam

'Happy Talk' - Captain Sensible smiley - crysmiley - hangoversmiley - wah

Please someone shoot me....I can HEAR THEM NOW!! simultaneously !!

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Baron Grim

Oh thanks. Now I've got Tiffany bouncing through my head. smiley - weird


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The one that really gets me is "Achy Breaky Heart" but I don't know who its by. (Thank goodness!)
Fortunately it can be countered by Tori Amos and currently "Hey Jupiter" is happily looping aroung the insides of my head! brightening my day


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Baron Grim

Wow... I didn't realize this thread has been abandoned for so long.

Anyways, if there is anyone active still subscribed to this thread, I thought this article was interesting.

Of course the main point I took from it was that I'm neurotic.


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