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Diamonds in the Rough

Hitchin' on a twilight train...

This Challenge has already generated enough heat in the form of vituperation – directed not only at the innocent Mr Diamond, but also at me, for daring to suggest this – that I'm almost sorry I came up with it.

I said almost. I never stay repentant for long.

In case you've forgotten, the idea was to be inspired by a lyric of Neil Diamond's. Inspired to write, draw, or compose something, that is. Not to insult the fiction editor.

Next time, I shall suggest Barry Manilow.

Figuring that I needed to put my money where my mouth was, and since Elektra thought my drawing of the flea with the wings on was sort of 'Dali-esque', I have perpetrated verse. Whether it's poetry or not is anybody's guess.


She brought the flash of light at dawn of day,
Her words were star-borne,
An instrument that only she could play.
In harsh, unyielding night, alone he lay,
Guilt-ridden, careworn.
She brought the flash of light at dawn of day.
He offered her – though how, he could not say –
His heart, by grief torn.
An instrument that only she could play.
The dreams she wove in secret mapped the way
Towards the full morn.
She brought the flash of light at dawn of day.
The path ahead seemed thorny, rough, and grey,
But he was newborn,
An instrument that only she could play,
He found resolve that morning – come what may,
He was to truth sworn.
She brought the flash of light at dawn of day,
An instrument that only she could play.

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