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Diamonds in the Rough

Hitchin' on a twilight train…

This Challenge has already generated enough heat in the form of vituperation – directed not only at the innocent Mr Diamond, but also at me, for daring to suggest this – that I'm almost sorry I came up with it.

I said almost. I never stay repentant for long.

In case you've forgotten, the idea was to be inspired by a lyric of Neil Diamond's. Inspired to write, draw, or compose something, that is. Not to insult the fiction editor.

Next time, I shall suggest Barry Manilow.

Bel wasn't sure who Neil Diamond was, let alone whether he'd had anything to do with her take on the world. But she's given us a cool poem about it, anyway. (She said, 'I misspelled your name on purpose, leave it alone,' so I did. For artistic reasons.)

No Diamond

On reading the challenge from Dimitri
I clicked on the link, the titles to see.
They were all unfamiliar, only two rang a bell
I can't say they kept me from teenager hell.
I never wore blue jeans till I was sixteen
They didn't last long, my next pair was green.
Which impact now had Neil D on my life?
None at all, I say, the time wasn't ripe.
However, I'm sure I missed out in the end
Since all know that diamonds are a girl's best friend.

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