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Lonely looking sky

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Ah smiley - love. Ah love. Ah, The Master. Just the other evening, I was watching the silhouette of a lone gull fly across the evening sky, with The Master on my headphones.

It's a good life for ND fans these days. Pre Glastonbury 08, (Glastonbury Festival 08 when Neil played the Pyramid Stage creating one of those unforgettable legendary Glastonbury performances), you only told selected trusted friends about your stash of ND CDs, but now it is so hip and cool to be a fan that I might have to ask myself for my own autograph. Sort of thing. Like. Yes.

Lonely looking sky

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Freshly Vaccinated

smiley - rofl Aha. He must go in cycles, then.

I remember back in the 70s. Elektra laughed at a friend for going to a Neil Diamond concert. I asked why. Turned out she had him confused with someone else.

In the meantime, I was already in another city, scouting us out a new location. A friend there kept playing all of Diamond's music on his car stereo - cassette tapes, remember them? And in his game room on vinyl. Friend's favourite phrase was 'If you know what I mean...'

Lonely looking sky

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Ah yes, well you see, the Diamond light is following you.heheh.

How can I write this poem for the competition. hmm.Ah, the challenge, the challenge, the challenge of it all. heheh. So beautiful those lyrics, how can I follow the Sanctus Kyrie, the Gloria Holy Holy. (quote ND from JLS). You see, us fans call it JLS. We are cryptic, yet sensitive people. smiley - rofl

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Post 4

Dmitri Gheorgheni - Freshly Vaccinated

smiley - rofl This is going to be a FUN challenge.

On the one hand, h2g2ers who know all the albums by their initials.

On the other hand, Prof Animal Chaos, whose comment was .

I am pleased. smiley - run

Lonely looking sky

Post 5


My father is a HUGE fan. I got him tickets to see ND in concert in Dublin for his 70th birthday - but he got a bit freaked out at the size of the crowd that would be in an open air stadium so I ended up having to sell the tickets smiley - erm

Casette tapes? Pah, we used to listen to him in the car on cartridges smiley - senior

Lonely looking sky

Post 6

Dmitri Gheorgheni - Freshly Vaccinated

smiley - cool. So far, we've had a report of a young adult who can sing 'Love on the Rocks', and knows all the lyrics, and your dad, who is a fan at 70. smiley - biggrin

You know, I'll bet my brother-in-law had him on eight-track...remember eight-track? smiley - rofl

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