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Kandyman - Keeper of Old Buses


I've just put the code on my Personal Space - I mucked about with the layout a bit - I hope that's OK. The GuideML I used is included below.

H2G2 Code Block (Version: 1.0)

RGBSG++ [email protected] r++ DA- P-- s V-E PR- a-T? nh?C+

I thought I'd start a Subscribers thread here so that you wouldn't have to hunt through all the other threads to pass on update info.

smiley - cheers Kandyman (KoOB)

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Mu Beta

No problem - your version looks pretty good.smiley - ok

There's not much point including the code tags, then - all they do, as far as I can tell, is convert to a fixed width font, which you changed straight back.smiley - biggrin

Because I spend so much time online (smiley - online2long), I can generally tell where the subscribers are, anyway. When I launch 1.1, the whole page will have a big 'CLOSED' sign on the top, with a linkm so I'm not too worried about getting the message across. Thanks anyway.smiley - ok


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