Talking Point: What's Your Favourite Sandwich?

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Half of an obscenely large salami sandwich bought in Manhattan, New York
Do not make a stingy sandwich,
Pile the cold cuts high,
Customers should see salami,
Coming through the rye

- Alan Sherman, 'Sandwiches'
He added that a Frenchman in the train had given him a great sandwich that so stank of garlic that he had been inclined to throw it at the fellow's head.
- Ford Madox Ford, 'Provence'

The sandwich is often maligned as the boring foodstuff of choice in our lunch-on-the-hoof desk-bound lives. But a decent sarnie, given due care and reverence, is much more than that. It's a lot to do with context, of course: hot bacon sarnies with ketchup on a Sunday; cooling cucumber sandwiches in summertime; Cheddar and pickle with a pint after a bracing walk. But when you're hungry, and it's well made, a sandwich is certainly not to be sniffed at1. If you've got any favourite sandwich recipes or ideas, we'd love to hear about them.

  • What's your all-time favourite sandwich?

  • What's in it? Is it fancy-pants or is it minimalist?

  • How do you make it?

Start a new conversation below and let us in on your sandwich secrets.

1It's actually to be eaten...

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