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21st June 2011 - We interrupt your browsing with some welcome news:

The BBC have confirmed the success of the three-way bid by Robbie Stamp, the Community Consortium and Noesis.

When you read what's on the Consortium pages and the conversations here, please remember that they were written while the bid was being worked on, so some things have changed.

We now return you to your original programming

During the first week of the h2g2 Community Consortium we realised that we had to get together a committee of the willing volunteers who were keen to get on with the hard work of running a website. Of course eventually we plan to hold democratic elections, but there is work to be done, and it needs to be done now. So these willing volunteers are the ones who stepped up to the role.

We haven't got any official job titles or roles yet, but we're settling down into our new office, and getting on with the work that needs to be done. So here they are, in alphabetical order:


After I studied Biology, genetics and immunology, I worked as an accessibility tester, web copy editor, administrator, business sales consultant, as a volunteer researcher
in the charitable sector. On h2g2 I have organised real life meet
ups/parties, being heavily involved on the community side as well as
authoring several entries in the edited guide.

Happy Nerd

Our Queen of Twitter, Happy Nerd is co-ordinating our Twitter presence. Happy Nerd has worked as a systems engineer in software verification, satellite systems engineer, chemical analyst, chocolatiere, instructor, tutor, technical writer, prep chef, and art model. She is now posing as an out-of-work actor while researching the Guide and coordinating our Twitter presence @h2g2_Guide and @h2g2c2.


My work, both solo and collaborative is in the guide. I
occasionally write for The Post and have a few bits in AWW. I also recently have
rejoined the Scouts. My job of work has mainly been customer focused and I
have experience of creating activities for groups of people.


h2g2 helps me with real life, so I try to give back by
volunteering, which helps me in RL, which means I owe h2g2 a debt of
gratitude... I’m a Sub-Editor, Scout, Community Artist, and (now
former) Artistic Editor for The Post. h2g2 was also my outlet for
everything I couldn't justify researching as an architecture student.
I'm now working part-time jobs as a conservator, web editor, tour
guide, and translator.


I'm a specialist in computer system validation, ensuring that users and
other stakeholders know what they want and that they get it, with experience
from the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Mr Dreadful

Mr. Dreadful: An administrator of awesome talent with skills gained in
areas as diverse as archiving, logistics and the criminal justice
system. On h2g2 he is an ad-hoc Scout (when real life isn't getting in
the way). He has contributed to several Approved Entries and is active
within the site community.


In real life I'm an "Internet Applications Developer" with a background in marketing by trade helping charities and not-for-profit organisations complete with the
well-funded private sector.

On h2g2 I'm the Co-Founder of The Post, Pre-Millennium Sub Editor (I still have and wear the now very faded t-shirt) and Guru. Pastey is one of our technical gurus.


I have been in the English as a foreign language teaching business for nearly
fifteen years. I am interested in different cultures; people from
different backgrounds and with different opinions and experiences to
mine; language and the mechanics of effective communication; the way
people interact in online communities and the potential the Internet
has to bring people together. This is why I have been a member of h2g2
for ten years and why I am committed to its future.


An h2g2 ACE, Scout and occasional Post contributor who takes the Guide
and its direction seriously. She also started the Guide Revised project,
designed to systematically review every entry in the Approved Guide.
In real life she works with prisoners first-hand to try to prevent
re-offending on their release.


Former ACE, Guru, Scout and Sub-editor. Works in publishing, in
both web and some print production for a large literary magazine. Several
years' experience co-ordinating volunteer writing and publishing projects as
a student in London. Geeky enough to relish large amounts of wading through
company and association structures.

Witty Moniker

Long time Salonista at Lil's Atelier. Seasoned virtual
adventurer committed to nurturing the social areas within the community. In
real life, multi-tasking administrator and problem solver to pay the bills
and executive board member of a number of non-profit organizations to feed
the soul.


As soon as I saw the news from the BBC I thought 'If anyone's going to take over h2g2 it's going to be us!' so I formed the h2g2community consortium page and webpage and asked 'Are you with me!'. Fortunately over 200 people have now joined and said 'yes'. I joined h2g2 in 2001, and have been around ever since. I've been a Scout, a Sub Editor, an ACE and an Underguider, I've hung around Peer Review, and I met my wife, Ben, on h2g2. In real life I'm a medical doctor who's now doing research into tiny blood vessels in the brain.

Also on Board, but too busy saving the world to write a bio for me...French Bean, Ottox and Ictoan

Also on the h2g2c2 committee Tavaron has done some amazing artwork. And of course Jordan, who's, well he's Jordan.

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