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    Faculty of Science
  • Project Name: The Human Shoulder
  • Field Researcher: Friar, the BigDawg
  • Department: Medicine
  • Faculty: Science
  • Start Date: 10th July 2002
  • End Date: 28st August 2002
  • Assisting Sub-Editor: The most-gracious: Bels

Project Description

In all areas of medicine, references need to be made to the body. In research regarding human evolution, physiology or kinesiology (athletics even) a refernce source for data is extremely useful.

Tackling the entire body would be an enormous undertaking. There is no department for anatomy after all. While the entire body is too ambitious a piece for even a University project, a focused study may be of benefit. Eventually, perhaps the entire human body could be referenced in H2G2 style with H2G2 substance. For now however the story of the human body needs a beginning, this story could begin with a shoulder.

Useful anatomical nomenclature
The Skeletal and Muscular Anatomy
The Nervous Anatomy
Common causes of shoulder pain and weakness
Shoulder rehabilitation following surgery
Therapies and interventions
Links and references

Please note that the therapies link have yet to be created.

Some of the above sections that are underway have not been generated for common consumption. Basically, I wrote a lot of technical information into some of them and have not translated that language into lay terms. For example, the Nervous Anatomy is a long list of nerves in the arm. OK, good, that needs to be said of course, but who will be able to sort through that without a translation. Also the pathology section is perhaps too brief. I ceratinly need to do a lot more work in detailing the different reasons for shoulder difficulty.

Further Information Required

None at this time, but thanks for asking.

Ah! If I left something out that should be included please inform me. I would like for this to be a comprehensive work.

If you have further information that you think might be useful in this project, please post it in the conversations below, or contact the Field Researcher running this project (see above).

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