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So here it is, the very first Top Ten list, and the one you have (hopefully) all been waiting for as summed up by The Post researchers. A big thank you to all those who wrote in with their lists.

Look out next week, for a new Top Ten to vote upon, if you have a subject that you think would make a good Top Ten, then let me know at [email protected], remembering to include your name and researcher number.

Books written by Terry Pratchett

H2g2 Researcher Cafram wrote to me with an idea for a Post Top Ten, and I liked it so much I decided to run it. The idea was a Top Ten by the esteemed author Terry Pratchett, as Cafram says,

'An obvious one, I know, but 'cos there's so many, there'd be heaps of differing opinions...this may or may not be a good thing smiley - erm.'

Terry Pratchett is quite a prolific author, seeming to produce one or two books every year. His latest novel entitled, Night Watch is set for a November release this year, and early in 2003 there will be another of Terry's Discworld books for children, which has the 'working title' of, The Wee Free Men but that may change depending on the whims of Mister Pratchett.

Be you a fan of his Discworld series or his other titles, I am sure as Cafram said, this will be a much debated subject. As usual, I look forward to reading your lists, and any comments about your choices, would as usual, be greatly appreciated.

Some of the replies received last week, thank you all for sending them in.

Top Ten by Awix

  1. Pyramids - ''Cos it's really clever and actually quite subtle in places. '
  2. Mort - 'The first one wot I read and still a favourite. Death is rather sympathetic, which seemed weird at the time.'
  3. Guards Guards - ''Cos it's very, very funny and on about page 112 Mr TP names an alley after me.'
  4. Good Omens - ''Cos you can't see the join and it is, once again, very very clever. '
  5. Strata - ''Cos it shows he can really write and is a terrific piece of proper SF with a great twist ending.'
  6. The Science of Discworld - 'Should perhaps be higher up. An utterly marvellous lump of pop-philosophy.'
  7. Wyrd Sisters
  8. Small Gods
  9. Maskerade
  10. Jingo - 'These four jostle about for position cos they're all about as great as each other. '

Top Ten by Granny Weatherwax

  1. Soul Music
  2. Wyrd Sisters
  3. Moving Pictures
  4. Equal Rites
  5. Maskerade
  6. Lords and Ladies
  7. The Last Continent - ''Cos I'm re-reading it at the moment.'
  8. The Carpet People
  9. The Unadulterated Cat
  10. The Light Fantastic


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