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This week TIMELORD brings you a Star Trek the Next Generation quiz. Test your knowledge, rack your brains and then send your answers to [email protected]
before 26.06.2002. Please remember to include your h2g2 name and number and mark the subject line 'Timelord Quiz'

  1. Q: Which race thought that Captain Picard was a god?

  2. Q: Who did Le Forge give a model sailing ship to?

  3. Q: What was the name of the Enterprise D's sister ship?

  4. Q: With which race did The Federation sign the Treaty of Armens?

  5. Q: On what planet did Tasha Yar die?

  6. Q: Who stabbed Captain Picard with a Klingon kife used in the Cha'dich ritual?

  7. Q: What illness did Sarek die from?

  8. Q: How many ships did The Federation lose at Wolf 359?

  9. Q: Who give Riker the nickname baby face?

  10. Q: What ship did Beverly Picard captain in All Good Things?


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