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Dark Master - The end is now (2005/03/01) Officially Left

I'm 15 and (apparently girfted) I will forward the email to you. It will come from '[email protected]'

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Dark Master - The end is now (2005/03/01) Officially Left

Ok hotmail is refusing to accept my email, maybe your space is full, i'll try again later until I get through

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Keseral - lost...

And me! 14, (apparant i.q. [according to https://secure.iqtest.com/ ] of 156!) definatly a fluke... (does counting on your fingers count as cheating cos if it does, I'll have to take it again!

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Dark Master - The end is now (2005/03/01) Officially Left

erm... I got 166, so its definitely not veryu good. (I'm 16 tommorow)

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Uncle_Bob - Back In Black

I am very gifted. I got 127 on the national IQ test in 2001. I was 11 then.

smiley - coolBOBsmiley - cool

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Am currently 14, got 171 on the test, though it's not like anyone couldn't fake something better. I forwarded the e-mail yeasterday.

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AFGNCAAP (or, by popular demand, Afgahn Cap")

I am rubbish. Here is what my email says:


Thank you for your interest in the test at IQTest.com.

Your general IQ score is: 137

You may login at http://www.iqtest.com/login.html at any time to view your score, purchase your Complete Personal Intelligence Profile or The Consciousness Exercises, or edit your account settings:

Login email: [email protected]
Password: See above

The Team at IQTest.com

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