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A73988914 - The Lake Peigneur Disaster

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Icy North

Pin's a skilled writer and is perfectly capable of getting this into the edited guide and being opinionated too. He's the wrong side of the current line in the sand and it wouldn't take much to change it.

Pin sees more potential in using this submission to try to negotiate a relaxation in the current editorial position. He's unlikely to get it while the BBC are still hosting the site, though. Now h2g2's up for sale, I doubt anything's going to change with this one.

It's always possible that the site may end up with a host who has an even more restrictive editorial stance. An American one, maybe?

Food for thought.

A73988914 - The Lake Peigneur Disaster

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Let us not talk of that, Icy...

smiley - fairy

A73988914 - The Lake Peigneur Disaster

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As "opinion pieces" go, I found that one rather mild. Guideworthy, to make it explicit.

A73988914 - The Lake Peigneur Disaster

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I don't actually. I've done that on other occasions, but now there's no chance of such a relaxation. You say the same yourself, Icy.

I'm trying (as always) to make sure that my writing continues to say after editing what I intended it to say. I don't think I need to repeat what that is in this case, do I?

A73988914 - The Lake Peigneur Disaster

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Icy North

I applaud you for that, of course.

I think I'm just a little frustrated that this isn't getting into the Edited Guide, when with a little conjuring it could. Maybe I'm dreaming. I actually think you went too far with rewriting Orgreave, only for that to be rejected every time, so I entirely understand where you're coming from. Maybe Lake Peigneur would never make it, either.

I think we now need some positive editorial advice. If this was your entry, Sam & Chris, what would you change to make the same point?

A73988914 - The Lake Peigneur Disaster

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The H2G2 Editors

Hi guys. We made our position quite clear in post 94. We'd love for this Entry to make it to Approval, but there are two places when opinion is stared as fact:

"In its recent history, the United States of America has exhibited some traits that the rest of the world quietly deplores, and the fate of Lake Peigneur exemplifies them."
"If reckless oilmen had been properly admonished in 1980, then the Deepwater Horizon rig would be operating safely to this day."

This is what needs addressing before we can consider accepting it. Pinniped has said he doesn't want to do that, which is his perogative, so we can't really say any more. We're worried we're starting to go in circles on this one.

A73988914 - The Lake Peigneur Disaster

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Icy North

What if Pinniped justified it by quoting a source which shares his opinion?

A73988914 - The Lake Peigneur Disaster

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Freshly Vaccinated

I tried to find a helpful quote. So far, all I've found is:

"The rig's on fire! I told you this was gonna happen."

-- JIMMY HARRELL, installation manager for the Deepwater Horizon

Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2010/06/07/quotes-jimmy-harrell-on-deepwater-horizon-explosion/#ixzz1E8BB1GR1

The whole story from 'Mother Jones':


A73988914 - The Lake Peigneur Disaster

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Back in PeerReview (<./>rf1&show=250</.&gtsmiley - winkeye here: F48874?thread=8322004


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