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Micheal Jay Mole

Well done! Can you tell me anything about the theme music? Or did I overlook it? I thought the theme music was excellent. I wonder who wrote and performed it? Any ideas?

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Garthion of URAN

The theme tune to the show was composed by Ron Grainger of DR WHO fame after Partick had hummed the tune to him. Unfortunatelly I do not know whether the tune is currently on CD release but you could try to find it.
Hope this is any use GARTHION OF URAN


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Micheal Jay Mole

Great! Wonderful! I did not know the "Who" connection. Seems I remember P.M. had come up with the tune, but I did not know who put ink to paper. Ah, now to use some search engines.

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Hi H.,

Great article, wish I'd thought of it.

A couple of not-quite-truths: each episode was 50 mins (+ 10 mins ads), not 1 hour. And the last couple of episodes of Danger Man were in colour. It might be worth mentioning that Number 6 bears a striking resemblance to the guy out of Danger Man (several of the same contacts and manerisms, to say nothing of looking remarkably similar ...). Was there more than one Rover? I'd always assumed there was just one, but it's never stated.

And some points that could be added: Theme tune, as mentioned above. The doubt as to which side runs The Village - I'm sure that was controversial given the usual 'Russians are the baddies' attitude of spy dramas at the time. The episode 'Living in Harmony' was banned in the US for many years(officially because it contained drugs, but since virtually every episode did, it's more likely it was seen as anti-conscription in that Vietnam-war era). And McGoohan did a lot more than just star in the series; he created the idea and wrote and directed several of the episodes.

It's always been my opinion that The Prisoner works on 3 levels - as a spy/action drama (every episode except the last one). Many (but not all) episodes also have a subtext - anti-conscription, democracy not equalling freedom, etc. And thirdly the whole series is revealed in the final episode as a metaphor for us all being 'prisoners' of society in our own 'villages'.

A brief episode guide and/or cast listing would help too.

Good luck with this, it's a good article on a good subject.

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Hey, hang on, who wrote this? It says Hoovooloo on the PR page but Michael J Mole on the PR thread.

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